Colonial House Fefa y Reyes Trinidad, beautiful, very central, quiet and safe

The Hostal Fefa y Reyes TRINIDAD, is located in one of the best colonial streets of the city. It is on Maceo street, surrounded by restaurants, beautiful streets, shops, souvenir shops ...
The area is beautiful, very central, quiet and safe. Such a strategic situation that makes the hostel the perfect choice if you want to explore the most beautiful colonial city in the Caribbean on foot.

The Hostal Fefa y Reyes TRINIDAD is a colonial house, built in 1845. It has been run by the same family since 1907 and retains all the duende of those times. Period furniture (some of them have been in the house for more than a century) and interesting antiquarian objects and high sentimental value, such as the German piano (from 1824, considered unique in Cuba, with a mother-of-pearl keyboard and tortoiseshell flats ). It seems that the paternal grandmother of the current owner, Doña Fefa (who was a pianist). Fefa and her husband (violinist) formed a duo known as "Fefa y Reyes" (hence the name of the hostel). In the same German piano room, there is another wonderful piece, it is a 1917 American piano. Vintage musical objects and old photos complete the decoration of this room that seems more like a museum. Fefa was a precocious girl who, at the age of 12, was already painting in oils. Hanging on the walls of the house, some of her paintings are still preserved and can be admired.

The main room is a typical colonial room, enormous in height to facilitate ventilation and keep hot air off the floor. Colonial windows and doors, along with the wooden beam, complete the charm of the room.
Inside the house, how could it be otherwise, a colonial patio distributes life. The large and spacious rooms open onto the quiet, cool, intimate courtyard, full of greenery.
Finally, a small roof terrace surrounded by Spanish roofs, made of fired clay tiles, allows guests to relax and savor the freshness of the breeze in the late afternoon.
Excellent breakfasts and abundant dinners, cooked with love based on typical Cuban recipes, Creole cuisine and fresh and seasonal products.